Hey, I’m a web developer

I can help you build your next website..

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I Create Awesome Stuff

I am a Web Developer From Nairobi Kenya.I am inspired by creating great work with people who are as passionate as I am about building something awesome. I am looking to take on more work and to increase my skills as a Web Developer.

Web Development

Javascript, Coffeescript, JAVA, Python, PHP, Go, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, WebStorm.

Frontend Development

HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Drupal, Phonegap / Cordova, Ionic, Foundation, Angular.js.

Technical Support

Server issues, Emails configuration, Ssl Certificates installation, Domains and web hosting accounts registration & transfer.

How I Work

All my life I have been driven by my strong belief that education is important. I try to learn something new every single day.






How can I help?

I’ve always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. My skills are broad: from ux to design, front end to back end development. I enjoy each aspect, and love building sites & mobile apps from start to finish, for clients all over the world. I’m available for remote work, if you would like to build something together kindly contact me.

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  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • Responsive design
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Facebook advertising
  • SEO and SEM
  • Facebook apps
  • Context advertising
  • Testing
  • Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal Checkout
  • Card checkout
  • Woocommerce & Shopify
  • Web applications
  • C# applications
  • Vb.Net applications
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— Collins Njoka—

Secure your Domain now!

Every website starts with a great domain name.

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My Work

Recent Projects

Some projects that i developed can be downloaded so that you can test them yourself and you can also request for their source code if you want.

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My Skills

My Main Skills

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[sx_skill label=”HTML5″ percent=”90″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]

[sx_skill label=”CSS3″ percent=”80″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”J”]

[sx_skill label=”jQuery” percent=”40″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]

[sx_skill label=”PHP” percent=”60″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”J”]

[sx_skill label=”Wordpress” percent=”90″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]

[sx_skill label=”Python” percent=”60″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]

[sx_skill label=”Django” percent=”60″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”J”]

[sx_skill label=”Bootstrap” percent=”80″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]

[sx_skill label=”SEO” percent=”70″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”J”]

[sx_skill label=”Photoshop” percent=”70″ bar-colors=”H” label-colors=”I”]


Keep In Touch

Tel.: +(254) 719-578752

Tel.: +(254) 735-723680

westlands, nairobi

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